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The fundamental relationship between a social landlord and their tenant is not simply that of provider and consumer; you are partners in building communities and making great places to live.

Engaging with your tenants and supporting them to be a part of your business decision making processes is not only the right thing to do, it is the smart thing to do.

Implementing a comprehensive Tenant Participation programme will improve your business in tangible, quantifiable ways, for example:

Improved Services

  • Improved services increase tenant satisfaction leading to sustainable tenancies. It also means properties don’t lie empty for long. Happy customers mean fewer voids.

  • Create efficiencies by freeing up staff time to tackle other issues.

Better Relationships

  • Better understanding of your tenants’ circumstances leads to a proactive approach to problem solving saving time and money down the road.

  • Having access to the right information will help you tackle the challenges of Welfare Reform.

Happier Staff

  • Staff satisfaction is improved through more meaningful engagement with tenants.

  • Both tenants and staff become more knowledgeable and aware of each other’s perspectives and issues leading to partnership working.


  • Tenant participation attracts outside investment and best practice recognition within the sector.


  • Ensure compliance with regulatory requirements introduced by the Tenant Participation Strategy for NI (2015-2020).

Membership in Empowering Communities offers you:

  • Value for money

  • Access to best practice

  • Benchmarking information across the sector

  • Networking opportunities for your staff

  • Bespoke consultancy services - implement tenant participation practices that work specifically for your tenants and your business

  • Independent oversight - we will ensure your staff and your tenants develop the skills needed for effective participation from an objective standpoint

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