As a social housing professional, you want to make sure tenants are at the heart of your work, after all, there would be no business without them! 

You want to find ways to engage tenants that are effective and meaningful for both them and for your organisation. And you want to ensure everyone in the business sees the value and the importance of including tenants in decisions which affect them. 

We know that it takes a real investment, in time and in staff, to talk to tenants and to get them to talk to you. It should be a core part of everyone’s job, but the responsibility often falls to one or two people in a busy team. We can help. 

Empowering Communities works with housing providers large and small who want to really step up their tenant engagement and put effective tenant participation practices into effect. We offer a range of services customised to you and your organisation to ensure you find the right approach for your tenants and for your business.  

Our Story 

We are the trading arm of Supporting Communities, an independent charitable organisation that has worked for more than 40 years to equip communities in Northern Ireland with the means to have a voice in their housing and other local services. The charity established Empowering Communities in 2017 as a social enterprise, allowing us to provide our years of experience in community engagement and participation, quality training, advice and support to the wider housing sector. 

We believe that tenants hold the key to the success of their social housing providers. We know how to support your organisation to unlock their potential by engaging in a valuable and meaningful way for everyone involved leading to improved services, better relationships, and happier staff!  

As the Independent Tenant Organisation for Northern Ireland, we can also ensure compliance with the new regulatory requirements. We have developed guidance in line with the Department of Communities' Tenant Participation Strategy for NI 2015-2020 and we are now working towards a framework for accreditation. 

Learn More 

Find out how we can help you grow and improve your tenant participation practice.  

You can also download a free copy of Developing and Maintaining a Tenant Participation Strategy: Guidance Notes 2017.’