The aim of the panel will be to represent tenant areas and act in a consultative function to the Department for Communities (DfC), with a focus on Social housing related matters.

In order to carry out this role successfully, the panel will develop an Action Plan which will form the basis of its development and enable the Panel to reflect on achievements year on year.

Role of Panel Members

  • To represent the interests of Social housing tenants in the development and review of departmental policies
  • To provide a voice to ensure that tenants’ rights and concerns are represented and taken into account
  • Membership of the panel is voluntary although a travel and subsistence allowance will be payable

Key Skills required of Members:

  •  Experience and understanding of the social housing sector
  • Listen, read and assess information and identify key points/issues
  • Analyse information and use it to form opinions and conclusions
  • Disseminate information and collate responses from within their own business area with a view to presenting any issues back to the panel for discussion. 

These skills are desirable, however, members will be provided with capacity building, regular training and support to acquire these attributes. The ITO (Supporting Communities) will be responsible for coordinating this support either directly or indirectly through other organisations/agencies.